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These recipes create 5 perfect portions PACKED with flavor & nutrients.

sooo good that you won't believe it's good for you 😉

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 "We experience our lives through our senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, and sight. These experiences evoke emotion, which brings us value & appreciation for our world. These recipes connect our external reality to our internal wellness. Nutrition & the food we eat is meant to enhance our lives. This means that flavor, aroma, texture, and plating are equally as important as the nourishment it provides our bodies." -Shanon Safi


Shanon Safi, RD, LDN, has been developing recipes for the past 11 years. As a food-lover herself, she has always strived to create meals that have an ideal balance of nutrients and can simultaneously please a crowd.

After Shanon had counseled nutrition clients for years, she wanted a way to share the meals that had made it so easy for her to take care of her body and soul. 

All of these meals have been tested in cooking classes at Fuel the Fire in Allentown, PA. With the rapidly growing popularity of these wait-listed classes, we have compiled the top 44 into this cookbook to allow others outside of our area to experience the joy.

Our goals with these recipes are to change the way you look at a healthy lifestyle, make cooking fun, and expand the way you perceive nutrition.

This recipe book is designed to prepare you for a healthy week with delicious flavor.

✓ 44 Tasty Recipes
400 - 500 Calories Per Serving
28+ Grams of Protein Each
Creates 5 Perfect Portions

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