How to Connect to Your Soul and Explore Your Spirituality

Season #1 Episode #21

When you think of spirituality, what do you think of? Many of us link religion to spirituality, but they can be two completely separate belief systems. In reality, connecting to your spirit is one of the integral parts of healing your body. In this episode Shanon talks about her own exploration into spirituality, how she connects to it, and the ways it can dramatically shift your life.

In this episode we talk about:
Shanon’s exploration in religion from childhood to adulthood and learning the difference between religion and spirituality. (01:18)
How can you explore the many avenues of spirituality? What can it do for you? (10:09)
Are you letting yourself be free to be you; free from judgment and your own ego? Here’s how it may hold you back. (21:51)
Connecting to your mind, body, and emotional processing is integral to easing change. (29:57)

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