Owning Your Role to Create a Healthy Relationship

Season #1 Episode #20

Relationships aren’t always the easiest to navigate. They can bring up feelings of stress, fear, or insecurity. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the same situation or fight time and time again wondering "why does this always happen to me?". How can we prevent the relationship deja vu? Have we taken the time to learn and own our role in the past? In this episode, Shanon delves into her own past in relationships, the common feelings we tend to go through, and  how we can cultivate pure love in our lives.

In this episode we talk about:
Have you tried changing yourself for others? Shanon’s early experiences in dating and self reflection. (02:18)
Having an understanding heart, a receptive mind, and taking ownership. (08:46)
The world is mirrors, what could we be projecting into our relationships? Are we sticking ourselves in a cycle? (16:04)
Take power over your outcome. (31:49)

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