Creating a Grounding Morning Routine to Alleviate Anxiety

Season #1 Episode #19

Morning jitters and stress, we all get it. The worst part is that it can be so hard to shake off. How can we continue on our day when it starts off in such a rough way. What are we doing that might make the situation worse, and how can we help alleviate the anxiety when it does show up? In this episode, Shanon walks us through what she did wrong, what we can fix, and her own routine to get her mind right in the morning so that, regardless of how it started, she can have a successful day.

In this episode we talk about:
The changes in Shanon’s morning/nightly routine, from stressful to effortless  (01:04)
What are the benefits of saving physical & mental space for intentional practices (08:38)
What do Shanon’s meditations look like? (17:41)
What about when we can’t seem to shake our anxieties? Consistency is key, the benefits are worth it! (21:52)
The rundown on what you can try to ease your mornings and start your day right (27:28)

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