#22: The Truth Behind Stress and Emotional Eating

Season #1

When we are under pressure, we default to habits that temporarily alleviate the multitude of emotions we experience. Emotional/stress eating is one of the most common coping mechanisms because of the accessibility and normalcy of highly palatable foods.

High fat and high sugar/carbohydrate foods activate receptors in the brain that release serotonin into the blood stream. Serotonin gives us that “feel good” feeling; this is what makes it such a tough habit to break!

We try to respond by not having these “feel good foods” in the house, but, that just leads to overeating other foods or seeking out alternative coping mechanisms.

It’s time to ask yourself: Do I properly deal with my stress, or am I perpetuating a vicious cycle?

In this episode, Shanon discusses how to recognize stress, how it affects our bodies, and the 4 key points to heal stress and emotional eating.

In this episode, we talk about:
Rules and restrictions do the opposite of what we want. It’s time for us to take control. (02:30)
We can’t change what we don’t recognize. Are you really aware of your stresses and triggers? (09:15) Often, we lack connection to our body; why is it important and how do we nurture it? What are some signs of stress that we might not notice? (15:30)
How can we regulate our central nervous system and what are the benefits? (22:43)

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