#23: How to Get Out of a Funk

Season #1

Have you found yourself in this state of trudging through the day, feeling like you’re doing things but getting nothing done, or not even sure what to do to begin? I call that being in a ‘funk’. We’ve all been there, but do you know how you got there? And once we’re there, how do we begin to get out? In today’s episode, Shanon gives some tips about overcoming the funk and how we can stop ourselves from sinking into one later on. 

In this episode we talk about:
Reflection prevents repeating: Dig deep to figure out where resistance is coming from (01:35)
Consistency is key: Do not pick up practices only for when things are bad (06:53)
Open yourself up to receiving: Allow people to help when offered (10:17)
Preventing the pendulum: The benefits of balance (12:54)
It’s time to prioritize yourself (17:15)


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