#25: The Elements of a Balanced Life

Season #1

When you’re making a change in any aspect of your life, do you think about all the ways it might impact you? Do you make sure to balance the change with the rest of your life? In this episode, Shanon walks through the 6 elements to a balanced life to ensure you set yourself up for success that sticks.

In this episode we talk about:

  1. Nutrition: Are you properly fueling your body? (02:03)
  2. Movement: Do something fun and fulfilling! (04:17)
  3. Purpose: Center yourself around a reason (07:22)
  4. Surrender, Release & Introspection: Get connected on a deeper level (10:02) 
  5. Connection: Seek something deeper with those around you (12:11)
  6. Play: You’re never too old to explore and wonder! (15:01)

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