#27: The Power of Hypnosis with Allie O'Neil

Season #1

In this episode, Shanon sits down with Allie O’Neil, a certified coach specializing in hypnotherapy. Together, they discuss how Allie found her passion and embarked on her amazing healing journey aided by hypnosis. Listen to learn more about how you can benefit from tapping into your subconscious. 

In this episode:
Meet Allie O’Neil: What lead her from teaching to coaching and the challenges in-between (03:20) 
What led Allie to seek Hypnotherapy and all the benefits she experienced first-hand (17:17)
Embracing the power of alternative therapy (26:01)
How to allow yourself to open up to your subconscious (36:01)
Special gift for our listeners (52:54)

Use code fuelthefire to try a free, guided body appreciation hypnotherapy session lead by Allie herself:

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