#28. Functional and Holistic Nutrition with Olivia Macioce

Season #1

In this episode Shanon, sits down with Olivia Macioce, a functional nutrition specialist, who runs an online practice that focuses on auto-immune and hormonal issues in women. Together they discuss Oliva’s personal experiences with imbalances, how it shaped her life & career, as well as the importance of looking at overall health when it comes to reaching your goals.

In This Episode:
Meet Olivia and her journey from bodybuilding to holistic health (02:26)
Always work with someone who looks at your health as a result! (13:48)
Olivia talks functional nutrition and common imbalances & symptoms she sees in her clientele (21:38)
Stress is a big cause of hormonal imbalances, how can we start fixing that? (30:19)
Olivia shares how life pushed her into where she is today (37:30)

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