#29. Syrian Americans Shifting Your Perspective with Hazel Swaid

Season #1

On today’s episode, Shanon is joined by Hazel Swaid, a life coach and author. Join them as they have a conversation about human connection, philosophy, family ties, and their personal keys to feeling fulfilled.

In This Episode:
Hazel talks about her identity within humanitarianism, religion, and exploring spirituality (01:45)
Taking stock of your masculine & feminine energy, especially as a child of Syrian immigrants (16:08)
Finding yourself as an individual outside of what you were raised as (29:37)
Honoring yourself while honoring your roots (38:36)
Mirroring: Does everything in life reflect what is already in you? What do you do if you’re seeing things you don’t like? (47:14)
You are in control of your response (59:19)

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