#30. Navigating Body Confidence with Miranda Compton

Season #1

Our bodies change constantly as we go on in life; it’s a completely normal process, though sometimes can make shopping nerve-wracking. Some of our most vulnerable moments are contained in that tiny room with just ourselves and the mirror. It's okay to need a little support. 

In this episode, Shanon is joined by Miranda Compton, an adamant leader in body confidence who works in fashion retail for women. She, and the company she works for, are here to break the stigma and uplift women in every shape and form. 

In This Episode:
Meet Miranda as she talks her passion for building women’s confidence in life and in the fitting room (02:03)
How your clothes reflect as an extension of emotions and how we perceive ourselves (14:13)
Shanon & Miranda reflect on how their body consciousness started young (18:44)
Being Mindful: You never know what someone else is going through (21:26)
Shanon and Miranda discuss their experiences choice anxiety and overthinking (31:21)
The importance of taking care of your mind, body, and soul together (41:49)

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