#31: Movement is Medicine in Buti Yoga with Kristina Rosario

Season #1

Have you been looking for a routine to get yourself moving and hyped up? Are you looking for something that will release your emotions and set a foundation for self-love? Maybe you've been searching for a group of people that will uplift you and cheer you on! Buti yoga is a practice that will give you all of that and so much more! 

In this episode, Shanon is joined by Kristina 'Tina' Rosario, a fellow certified Buti Yoga instructor, as they talk about the beauty behind Buti, their discovery and journey into certifications, and the deep transformations they've undergone & witnessed.

In This Episode:
Tina’s passion to teach and serve translates to work and finding Buti (4:51)
What is Buti yoga? (19:48)
The ‘No-Judgement’ Zone: Buti’s benefits and release for every gender identity, energy, and lifestyle (25:51)
Tina and Shanon share how Buti has helped them transform from the inside-out (36:19)

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