33. Supporting Women in Leadership & Business

Season #1

It’s hard enough to embrace your feminine in the world, but what about in the workplace or in your own business? Societally, we’re taught that it’s a weakness, but what if it’s actually one of your greatest strengths? In this episode, Shanon walks us through her passion in supporting and boosting women in leadership roles, from those in every day life all the way to entrepreneurs-- from encouraging inherent abilities, nursing your soul from the inside out, to embracing what makes you stand out. 

In This Episode:
Shanon’s call to boosting women and their inherent ability to lead (01:58)
Leadership is more than what you do physically, it requires inner work (08:39)
You don’t need to shy away from your feminine power for people to listen and see you! (11:42)
How you can get extra help along the way (16:23)

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