34. The Power of Intuition & Feminine Embodiment Work with Amy Natalie

Season #1

We all have those little feelings inside of us that sometimes we ignore. Sometimes we call them red flags, green flags, or sometimes we even write them off as nothing. What if we listened to those feelings and our intuition?

What if we connected to our body the way that it connects to our mind?

Amy Natalie is a feminine embodiment guide who has created a space for women everywhere that teaches exactly those things.

Join Shanon and Amy as they talking about connection, community, and what it is to be an embodied woman in life and career.

In This Episode:
Amy Natalie speaks on breaking the mold and how we can connect to our intuition (04:00)
Shanon and Amy discuss stepping into your inner spirit and managing the fear (14:52)
Practicing feminine embodiment work to heal your inside and out (21:12)
What living as an embodied woman would look like for you (30:15)
How Amy created a space online for community and connection for all women (38:15)

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