Fuel Fire Soul

Fuel Fire Soul

Hosted by: Shanon Safi

The Fuel Fire Soul Podcast is a show that will launch you into conscious expansion & empowerment through self-love, health, spirituality, and personal development. Fuel Fire Soul is hosted by Shanon Safi, who...


Disparities in Dietetics

Season #1 Episode #17

It seems that nutritional opinion is constantly changing to conform to a new ‘trendy diet’ every other month, even the world of dietetics has its own discrepancies. How are you supposed to know who to listen to and...
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Let Your Body Be Your Guide

Season #1 Episode #16

What do you think are the most important elements of health and wellness? Do you think about your mind, body, and soul? In this episode Shanon discusses her journey through the highs and lows of body image and how she...
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Healing the Abandonment Wound

Season #1 Episode #15

Abandonment wounds, an invisible hurt that many of us carry. In today’s episode, Shanon breaks down S.W.I.R.L., otherwise known as the 5 states of abandonment healing. What is each one, and even more important, how...
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How Did I Get Here?

Season #1 Episode #14

Do you ever think about how we became who we are at this very moment? What twists and turns in our lives brought us to where we are? Have you taken the time to sit down and truly go through your own unique history? In...
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Pleasure Power

Season #1 Episode #13

Do you make sure to do things that bring you pleasure on a daily basis or do you get stuck in the cycle of setting it aside?  It's time we take control of our lives. In this episode Shanon discusses the topic of...
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Owning Your Truth with Celeste Bonin & Grant Dziak (Part 2)

Season #1 Episode #12

In this two part episode Shanon is joined by special guests Celeste Bonin and Grant Dziak as they discuss their journey of self discovery and owning their true selves. In this 2nd part we dive into the importance of...
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Owning Your Truth with Celeste Bonin & Grant Dziak (Part 1)

Season #1 Episode #11

One of the hardest parts of life is not only finding who we are, but also showing ourselves grace and acceptance along the way. In this two part episode, Shanon is joined by special guests Celeste Bonin and Grant...
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Cat's Last Hoorah

Season #1 Episode #10

It’s the season of change here at Fuel Fire Soul. Changes are never easy but are incredibly necessary for magnificent transformations, even if it’s scary. In this episode we are embracing fear and the unknown along...
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Body Image Bullsh*t

Season #1 Episode #9

Everyone has dealt with the hard grapple of self image, even our hosts. In this episode Shannon and Cat discuss their own struggles with self esteem, comparisons, social media, how they are reaching their point of...
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The Transformational Hierarchy

Season #1 Episode #8

Have you tried making changes in your life but it doesn’t seem to stick? When we make changes, we tend to only focus on a couple aspects of our lives and forget about the internal work that also must go along with it....
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Pondering Past, Present, and Future

Season #1 Episode #7

Join us through this wonderful and on the fly journey through the mind! In this episode join Shanon and Cat as they talk about the passage of the soul, connections to past lives, and not being afraid to be...
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Realistic Resolutions

Season #1 Episode #6

New year, new you? In this episode Shanon and Cat tackle the topic of new year's resolutions. What is a good mindset, setting goals, figuring out your ‘why’, and the big question; how do you keep yourself on track to...
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